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Venta de contenedores

Venta de contenedores

Star Container Spain has a vast experience in the execution of different projects with containers.

We modify and conceive new types of non standard containers. Moreover, we build and transform maritime containers into houses, offices, building, industrial plants, and anything that the imagination allows with the inherents advantages of a container, such as its modularity, versatility, transportability and low cost.

Puede consultar algunos de nuestros proyectos:

Centenario 1906-2006 APBA

Proyecto eSPACIU

Jardin Botanico

Base Naval Rota


Venta de contenedores de segunda mano

Trade of containers of all types, be it new or second-hand, or even refurbished and personalized.

Reparación de Contenedores

Star Container Spain counts with highly qualified technicians and top notch installations to carry out any kind of repair.

Proyectos con Contenedores

We carry out any kind of Project designed with containers. We modify, transform and make buildings with containers.